History of the Wizard of Oz

This story covers the origins of the Wizard of Oz, not to inform but only to remind you of where it came from:  some context about the author, the book, the film and the television broadcast.  There is just one clip of Judy Garland singing the intro to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".

See related Meema Stories for more detail on the characters, the plot and the most popular musical numbers we love to remember.

Baby Chickens (video)

The story is very basic.  It reminds us that chickens are birds.  There are billions of chickens today, more than any other bird.  And a vast majority of them live on industrial farms and provide us with meat and eggs. 

However, another part of the story reminds us that they were once wild and that, like all birds, reproduce using eggs.  The last part of the story includes a video of an egg hatching.