The Meema Experience

What IS the Meema Experience?

The video below records an actual Meema connection between Stephen Quatrano, CEO and co-founder of Meema, his father, Ralph and Ralph's wife, Lee Anne.  They were using Zoom to communicate but they used Meema to jump-start the conversation. 

In this example, although they were remote from one another, they watched a scene from Fiddler on the Roof together -- the song "Miracles of Miracles" -- and then reflected on miracles in their own lives.

Note that Ralph and Lee Anne are interacting with Meema on their television using speech.  We think this will become an important and popular way to access Meema Stories, not unlike other streaming services for audio and video. However, you'll probably find it easier to get started using the web player which uses a keyboard, mouse or touch screen and Zoom if you need to share it remotely.  Despite the differences between these two control and interaction models, the story content is the same.  And what really matters, of course, is the conversation that Steve, Ralph and Lee Anne have with each other, inspired by the story.

Video file

What next?  Read about the Meema Story we call Miracles of Miracles.  Look for and click on the 'play story' link in the title.

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The Meema Blog may also be of interest with stories about eldercare, dementia care and how materials like these are being used to inspire conversation and more meaningful connections.