Baby Chickens (video)

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The story is very basic.  It reminds us that chickens are birds.  There are billions of chickens today, more than any other bird.  And a vast majority of them live on industrial farms and provide us with meat and eggs. 

However, another part of the story reminds us that they were once wild and that, like all birds, reproduce using eggs.  The last part of the story includes a video of an egg hatching.

Story usage

This is a very basic story that can be used to frame any number of conversations.  Of course you can use it to talk about food.

But it's also a good jumping off point to talk about farming.  If you've experienced chickens on industrial or even family farms, it's a good trigger.  And if you have never seen a live chicken, well, you can talk about that too!

But you can also use it to talk about life, reproduction, evolution, science.  Perhaps you had an experience in school with a incubated chicken to observe the hatchling.  Or you can use it to talk about other animals.

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