Prospective Collaborators

We’re delighted you’re interested in learning more about Meema!

At this point, we’re piloting Meema Stories with a very small number of pre-qualified individuals and businesses. In some cases, we’re working directly with family caregivers who are looking for ways of stimulating more engaging and meaningful conversations with their loved ones. Contact us if you’d like to find out more about participating as a family caregiver.

We’re also finding eager, early adopters among the caregiver staff of a few particularly innovative CCRC’s, home care agencies and public health and social service agencies. Most of these users are professional caregivers, social workers, psychologists, activity directors or experienced therapists who are already familiar with the practice of Reminiscence Therapy. Like family caregivers, they’re also using Meema Stories in their daily activities to stimulate conversation directly with their clients or residents.  Contact us if you're interested in setting up a trial.

But we are also working with organizations impacting caregiving indirectly. Many organizations offer formal and informal training and support programs for untrained family caregivers, whether they’re still at home, in apartments or in facilities. With over 70% of the eldercare and dementia care depending on family members to care for a spouse, parent or sibling in need, caring for the caregiver in this way is becoming a vital and increasingly important piece of eldercare and dementia care.  These organizations are helping us find, teach and support active caregivers who might pilot the service.  Contact us if you'd like to learn more.

Working directly and indirectly with both professional and family caregivers and organizations who support them, we’re actively building and supporting an early adopter community where many different kinds of caregivers and their care recipients can benefit from Meema Stories.  And we're learning from them too!

In parallel, we’re looking for other kinds of collaborators to help us grow. We’re interested in developing relationships with organizations we’ll need in the future to test, develop, deliver and support our media service at scale: prospective investors, advisors, and partner organizations including marketing, sales and distribution channels, media companies with engaging digital assets, and creative teams.  

If you find yourself in any of these groups above, if you are concerned about loneliness and social isolation among seniors, and if you are interested in how Meema Stories can help foster meaningful connections in the context of eldercare and dementia care, contact us here to learn more.

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Be patient with us. We are just getting started.