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Caregivers use Meema Stories to help create authentic and meaningful connections with a spouse, parent, client or resident.  This segment reminds us who caregivers are, why these connections are an essential part of care, and why they can be challenging for caregivers.

It begins with a list of several different kinds of caregivers for orientation.  Although there are differences between them, what's important is that they ALL all help seniors with chronic, physical or cognitive disabilities in need of some assistance with daily living.  And all of them provide a degree of companionship.

Disability of any kind, physical or cognitive, especially chronic disability, is often accompanied by withdrawal and isolation.  This puts an additional burden on the caregiver who also experiences isolation.  It makes companionship even more important while, at the same time, makes authentic companionship even harder to provide.

It sounds easy enough.  But for many caregivers, it's pretty difficult  Caring for someone with a chronic condition can last for years.  Basic needs can be overwhelming.  Cognitive disabilities and caregiver isolation only makes it more difficult to engage.  It's hard to stimulate authentic and meaningful conversation day after day, sometimes for years.  What is there to talk about? 

A subscription to Meema Stories can help.

(The next two introductions in the series describe the solution:  how Meema Stories are used and what the experience is actually like).

Story usage

In their own caregiving practice, Caregivers can use this story to introduce Meema Stories to family members, to other caregivers and, in some cases, even to the care recipient.

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Introducing Meema Stories: Make Better Connections with Better Conversation
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