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This story begins wtih Dorothy back at home in her bed.  After her extraordinary journey where she demonstrates maturity, compassion, empathy, loyalty, courage and, most importantly, leadership, we're reminded that she's just a girl and not much is expected of her.  She's so relieved to be home that it doesn't seem to matter that all the grown-ups don't seem to understand or even care about what happened to her.


This is a terrific resource to talk about the classical virtues of leadership:

  • intelligence
  • compassion
  • empathy
  • loyalty
  • courage

However, such an abstract Although Dorothy is a girl and a teenager, she is the only character in the film that demonstrates these qualities.  Among her problems in the beginning of the film is the fact that no one understands her.

Consider using this story to volunteer experiences in your own life such as these:

  • Being misunderstood or underestimated;
  • Getting lost and being helped by strangers;
  • Witnessing injustice and doing something about it.
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