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Our Own Anthony and Italian Food

Last week I published a Meema story about Italian food in the 1950’s. The main idea of the story is that prior to WWII, Italian-American food was only really known in immigrant communities. But after the war all that changed: what had been exclusively ethnic food became shared, ethnic American food. I figured that such profound changes might inspire meaningful conversation in general, within our own family specifically, and perhaps even some stories about our own Anthony, my cousin.

Ralph and Jackie Robinson

Last week I tested Meema for the first time with my father, Ralph. It was a great experience.

I started by introducing or framing the activity.

Steve: Hey Dad, let me show you Meema. There might be some topics that interest you.

Ralph: Sure!

So we sat down together in the living room at the television: me, Dad and his wife, Lee Anne. I turned on the TV which was set up with the Amazon Firestick. All I needed to do to open the Meema “skill” was to ask for it.